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Ascension Lifestyle Ebook : 12 steps to living a spiritually aligned life

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For this ebook, you are getting all the spiritual tools and wisdom I have learned through out my journey to consciously align myself with the Divine in my day to day life. This is the complete lifestyle I live to maintain my High Priestess Status a.k.a being God's Favorite ;)

Over 150+ pages of spiritual tools and wisdom you can practically apply into your life which include;

Aura shields, prayers, spiritual protection tools, self healing practices, yoga, exercise, manifestation, sacred sexuality, meditation, breath work, shadow work, conscious consumption, conscious communication, alchemy, elemental magic, astrology tips, birth chart tips and more! Literally an eternal well of spiritual wisdom worth more than Gold!

NOTHING IS GATEKEPT. You can now also benefit from my years of spiritual devotion and its all bunched into a lifestyle that is efficient, effective and sustainable because that is how we can really ground all our spiritual awareness on to the Earth a.k.a we can embody heaven on Earth!

Remembering that spiritual awareness is unrealized potential when it stays in the mind, but when it is applied in real life, this is where we can truly become Divine and unlock our inner and outer High Priestess/High Priest

Become a part of the 144,000, the way showers, the light bringers and the heaven on earth creators now, by purchasing and integrating the 12 steps in this ebook that show how to live a life in complete alignment with the Creator.

So much information on astrology, scripture, alchemy, elemental magic, and more! I repeat this is an ebook with a wealth of sacred knowledge. Once you have read this book, there is no going back. You will be equipped with all the tools you need to Dimensionally shift into your most divine self! Into that 5th dimensional living!

Your days of searching, guessing and seeking are over...

This is your chance to quantum leap into all the steps you need in order to live a practical grounded ascended spiritual life!


Stop accepting the mediocre lifestyle that this lost, expired, old, patriarchal, capitalist society has taught you to live. It's time to create a life that is simple yet meaningful and fulfilling! One where you feel the presence of the most High in all that you do and all that you live out.

All the sacred information, tools, and truth that you could need to unlock the Divine within you is right here and it's all one purchase away!

This ebook is an investment in your most Divine ascended self! This ebook is a guidebook and tool for life! An ebook that contains the key that unlocks your personal heaven on Earth! What are you waiting for?

Say no to mediocre living and say yes to living heaven on Earth and becoming God's favorite! Its your time to get chosen by the Divine! But that is if, you decide to show up and apply all the wisdom you have been gifted in this ebook! Because the one person you do have to prove yourself to is the Divine but once you do, so many gifts and privileges are opened up for you!

Purchase this ebook and find out it all out!

Disclaimer for legal purposes:All the information in this ebook is provided for general informational, educational and entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. None of this ebook has been evaluated by the FDA or Health professionals. Please use at your own risk. The information provided in this ebook is solely as a self-help tool for your own use based on what I have learned through my own life experience. There are no guarantees or promises.

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