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The Alchemical Journey Back Home: A Poetry Book of prayers, affirmations & spells to heal, awaken, align & affirm.

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Welcome to a magical poetry and spell book called The Alchemical Journey Back Home.

Now what is Alchemy? This word is thrown around like crazy these days. People slap it on their business name, they call themselves alchemists but very few actually have gone through the actual intense process that it entails. My business isn't just named Alchemy of the Stars because it is trendy and spiritual. It is something I deeply lived through. I was literally reborn through the process of alchemy and many of you will also be called into this deep journey of alchemy. Because without going through this process, you will not align to the Golden era that is ahead. There is a spiritual awakening on this planet. Higher dimensions will open up for those who answer the call to alchemical spiritual journey. Those who make it through all the phases will become true solid genuine GOLD and will help usher in the era of light. Are you one of these souls?

Are you interested on going on the alchemical journey back home? Well this book of poetry and spells document the full journey. They document the full spectrum of what it felt like going through the entire alchemical process. These poems and spells gave me strength and healing while moving through all the of the different phases that I had to go undergo in this alchemical process. These poems and spells helped me manifest and speak into existence the potential for Gold within me and with time and consistency it became my reality. It become my character.

And now these spells and poems are being offered to you, to help you on your own alchemical journey. So that you can also manifest and speak into existence the full personification of Gold within you.

Being Gold is powerful. Gold does not tarnish. It stays pure within any environment. It has an innate ability to transforms all negative into positive. How incredible it would be if all of humanity answered the call for this era of human personification of Gold? How incredible it would be to co-create the Golden age?

Well I invite you, my friends. Especially with Jupiter now in Gemini and Uranus entering Gemini in 2026. Your power to speak things into existence and to expand all that you speak are being amplified and gifted to you from the cosmos. Its time to tell new stories, to reclaim the story of your life and why not speak into existence the potential for the purest version of you to manifest? For the golden version of you to manifest! For the Golden age to manifest. There is power in the vibration of spoken words and there is power in the repetitive collective story being told.

In this book, you will receive over 120+ sacred poems/spells gifted and channeled from the divine by me. Set an intention each time you open this ebook up for the right poem to find you and watch the magic unfold. Some poems will benefit you more in each different phase of your journey. Speak them into existence and feel the healing effects. Speak them into existence and become the spiritual apex. Use them to manifest but also to dissect. Use them to awaken but also to reflect. May this magical poetry book be an eternal source for you to spiritually connect. For you to feel that all is divine, messy yet perfect.

Enjoy <3

By yours truly,

Alchemy of the Stars,

Always remember beloveds, we can all be pure solid genuine gold superstars, just look at the sun to see this truth reflect!

You will get a PDF (2MB) file